Essentials to Customer Loyalty

Every business, whether online or offline, needs customer loyalty in order to be established for the line of work it is trying to be known for. All businesses work hard not just to get a good impression but to make a lasting one of reliability and value that makes them acquire the hard-earned customer loyalty. Especially with industries that are mainly service oriented, having customer loyalty is synonymous to bigger earnings and more opportunities to grow. There are different essential that can pave the road to customer loyalty for businesses.

Link up with other subscriptions
If you are still new to the business, linking up with other more well-established websites related to what you are selling will help you get noticed. The loyal followers of what you are linking up to may also link up on you and conjoin thoughts of your website to be related to that which they faithfully subscribe to. If you manage to invest a certain amount to advertise your site and link up with as many businesses as you possibly can, you are definitely on your way to magnetizing customers and keeping them enamored of your offers.

Knowing what they need
Of course, your target market has specific personal preferences. You will find yourself at a losing end if you do not incorporate those needs with your business. They will never bother to come back if they are not able to derive anything beneficial and worth their time. The needs of your target consumers are often researched by marketing companies. The information may come with a price, but it is a price worth investing upon if it means that it will make your business more attuned to the needs and wants of your target market.

Incentives and Rebates
Also known as customer loyalty programs, you must also somehow give the illusion that you are giving back. In fact, you are actually giving back some for incentives and rebates. But this giving must not exceed your earning. The rebates and incentives must work to lure customer to buy more and stay longer to your services, and not make you lose all your income. A considerable amount of freebies which will perpetuate and somewhat make them dependent on your products is an effective way to get people to follow your products and give you more leverage to other things you might provide or sell in the future.

Be meaty and Not Fluffy
Never commit the mortal sin of making empty promotions just so you could get their attention. Deception may at first get you the income you need, but you will not find much people clamoring for a second serving. Make sure that if you do give out customer rebates and incentives, it is going to be substantial enough and not a blatant way of trying to earn more income. Trust is valuable to every business. If you can work hard to establish customer trust, you are inevitably going to find them fiercely standing by you.

Make them a priority
This is a no-brainer when it comes to generating customer loyalty. You must make customers feel that you are giving all of your attention to them and make it known to them that you are making efforts to keep them satisfied with your performance. Be as flexible as possible when it comes to making programs. Be as generous as you possibly can with your rebates, and you will find customer generously helping themselves with your services.

Accept criticisms
No business is perfect. Never dismiss a disgruntled and dissatisfied customer no matter how hurtful it is sometimes to receive hate mail. Be as objective as you possibly can and do learn to accept constructive criticisms on the way your business is being handled. Chances are, if too many people are complaining about the same thing and it’s making you lose customers frequently, it is something that needs to be addressed immediately.


Six Tips for a Great Coffee Wedding Favor

A lot of people love coffee. For some individuals, mornings are simply not complete without a great steaming cup of aromatic and flavorful coffee. This is probably why coffee has now also invaded the wedding scene. If you’re also thinking of handing out coffee favors then take a look at these great tips for coming up with the perfect coffee wedding favor.

Study the Basics of Coffee

Coffee brands and blends were not created equal. Coffee fanatics among your guests would notice if your coffee wedding favor is not the best kind. Take time then to get to know basic details about coffee.

Your coffee wedding favor research should start with the beans. The two major beans are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is more popular and reputedly more flavorful. Robusta however generally has more caffeine content and is cheaper. You can have ground coffee or coffee beans in your coffee wedding favor. From your coffee wedding favor bean inquiry you can move on to choosing among the many bean variations like Kona, Columbian, decaf, organic and many more. The most common choice is to have a coffee bean blend. There are also a great variety of flavors to choose from such as vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, butter rum, cinnamon and Irish cream.

Sample the Merchandise

The best way to choose the right kind of coffee for your coffee wedding favor is to sample the different kinds of coffee yourself. Your coffee wedding favor should be able to speak well about your own personal taste and personality. If you are not confident about your choice, you can ask a group of friends to help you choose a good blend or flavor.

Be Creative with the Package

Most coffee favors are simple packs of coffee bean blends with the details of the event up front. You can however be more creative with your coffee wedding favor. You have the choice among mugs, tin cans and baskets to hold your coffee wedding favor. The advantage with these containers is that your guests can still have a useful reminder of your special day long after they have consumed their coffee giveaway.

Be Generously Sweet

A lot of coffee drinkers prefer to pair their cups of coffee with little sweet edibles. Generously add a few things in your wedding favor like homemade cookies or chocolate candies.

Add Some Great Accessories
You may include a personalized coffee favor accessory with your coffee pack instead of having a personalized container for your coffee wedding favor. Wrap a silver spoon or stirrer or a heart shaped coffee scoop in tulle and ribbons to add to your coffee pack.

Be Considerate of Others

It’s true that a lot of people really drink coffee but there are also some who prefer tea or do not drink coffee at all. Add a few items in your giveaway for your non-coffee drinking guests. The most common options include tea and chocolate drinks. You should be careful though with how you pack your wedding favor. Include too many items and it may start to look like a grocery store goods giveaway.


Pairing Promotional Mouse Mats with Coasters

Promotional mouse mats are great gifts for conventions or trade shows, and are a fun way to get your business name and company information out to clients and potential clients. They are big enough for real advertising to your customer base, and are useful rather than just novelty items like some promotional gifts can be. A great way to make them even more useful is to pair them with something else that is useful as well: coasters for the desk.

When people think of desk sets, they are more likely thinking of pen holders and in boxes rather than a matching mouse mat and coaster, however these other kinds of desk sets can prove to be just as useful as the other. Mouse mats are very useful all by themselves, but how many people think to bring coasters in to their office? One too many coffee stains, and your customers will be wishing that they had thought to bring a coaster in for their desk before it was too late.

How fortuitous that you should have a mouse mat and matching coaster for them, then, so that they don’t have to think of these things by themselves. Instead of having to buy a mouse mat or use one that they do not like the design of, they will have a well designed mouse mat provided by someone with whom they do business, and instead of coffee stains and rings of moisture on their desks, they will have your matching coaster to protect their papers and desk tops.

Your customers will appreciate the fact that the coaster matches the mouse mat as well, since it will blend more naturally into the desk when there is nothing set on it, and they will like that the classy design of your mouse mat matches the coaster and lends that classy look to their desk. In addition, if their coaster is already on their desk, they will be more likely to replace their existing mouse mat with the one that you have generously provided in order to keep things looking uniform on their desks.

This means that not only is your client exposed to your advertising every time he or she sits at his or her desk, you client is also exposing their own clients to your advertising. Your client, by using the promotional mouse mats and coasters that you provide, is visibly endorsing your business and providing a conversation point for their clients about your business and how generous and thoughtful you as a company are. How nice!

Promotional mouse mats are a wonderful promotional gift all by themselves, but when paired with a matching coaster, they are very hard to beat indeed. Your promotional mouse mat and coaster set will be well received, and will provide years of free advertising space for your company on every desk on which they are placed. For the low price and ease of use of these products, this is an incredible return indeed.


Government Grants and Incentives — Tips to Win the Funding Race

What do innovation, manufacturing, exporting, training and the environment have in common? The opportunity to share in a generous grab-bag of Government sponsored incentives and funding! Governments around the world offer commercialisation grants worth millions of dollars to develop bright ideas, substantial export market development grants, incentives for the manufacturing industries, generous tax breaks for research and development, employment subsidies, tariff reductions and a whole raft of other benefits to make life easier for enterprising business people.

So how do you find the funding that’s right for you?

A good starting point for would-be grant seekers is the internet. In Australia for example,, lists almost 300 grant opportunities, sorted into 12 categories for easy reference. The AusIndustry site is another useful resource and each State and Territory has an on-line government grants portal, which lists all available grants and funding opportunities. In the United States, grantseekers can refer to to electronically find and apply for their share of more than $400 billion in government grants; and in the United Kingdom, is a good starting point. Secrets of writing a winning proposal

While submitting a grant or funding proposal does not guarantee that you will be successful in obtaining funding, there are ways to increase your chances of winning, by presenting your application in the best possible light. Because funding programs are generally very competitive, you must plan and research your application well in advance, to ensure that you are able to answer the questions on the application form comprehensively and accurately. Familiarise yourself with the funder’s requirements beforehand; and make sure you leave yourself enough time before the closing date to prepare any supporting documentation such as business plans, letters of support and budgets. Never hesitate to speak to the funder’s contact person if there is anything you are not sure of — it could make the difference between winning a grant or missing out.

The best grant applications are written both strategically and persuasively — strategically because the government funding process is, above all, politically-based; and persuasively because you need to sell your project or need to the funder. When writing an application, ensure you refer back to the exact terms of the relevant question in your response, keep to any specified word limit; and provide exactly the information required, in a clear and succinct manner. This will enable the assessment panel to judge the degree to which your application addresses the required criteria and compare it with the submissions prepared by other applicants.

Review your application carefully and complete any final checklists before submitting it to the funder, with the required number of copies and attachments. Ensure you allow time for it to arrive, or be postmarked, depending on the funder’s requirements, by the due date. The next step

Successful applicants are required to sign comprehensive funding agreements before proceeding with their project and funding is usually paid retrospectively when evidence is provided to the funder that you have achieved each required milestone.